1. Define the Process

Start by creating your KaiSelect Process, defining the name and description.

2. Define the Process

You can add candidates from the following sources:

  • Vacancies in Jobs.Net
  • Database in Jobs.Net
  • External Candidates (added as CVR)

3. Conduct the Functional and Skills Interview

KaiSelect automatically displays the Functional and Competency Questions for each candidate and allows you to rate each answer using a scale of 1 to 5. It also allows you to record general comments of the interview.

4. Send Invitation to Test

The system allows you to easily configure and send the Selected Tests to each candidate

5. Perform Automated Reference Checks

The system allows you to perform a Check of References by Competences in an automated way.

  • ReferPoint Check (by Competencies)


6. Generate the Comparative Report

KaiSelect allows you to generate a Comparative Report with the score obtained in the interview by each of the candidates, and expand the information with links to the results of their Reference Checks and Test Results