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120 integral tools

Dictionary of 120 Competencies most used in Human Resources

120 job descriptions

Dictionary of 120 Job Descriptions

Manage profiles and competencies

Create Job Profiles based on Competencies

Working environment

Survey applied via email and confidentially, to employees to know their opinion about the work environment within the company.

Exit interviews

Survey of Exit Reasons Online. Confidential and generates statistics

Performance interviews

Online Evaluation based on Objectives and Competencies. Interactive process between Supervisor and Evaluated. Generate Graphics

360 evaluations

Evaluation of Leadership and Management Skills. Contains Self-Evaluation and Evaluation of Bosses, Colleagues and Subordinates

Rotation monitor

Registration of the movement of personnel in the company, you can register by departments or at a general level.


Automated reference checking system, which will help you save time and money when performing these tasks.




Personality test Defines the ADEP style, which can be: authoritarian, detailed, stable or persuasive


Desires test Interests Attitudes and Values. Define the DIAV Style, which can be: social, artistic, entrepreneurial, conservative, analytical or balanced.


Sales Style based on the ADEP Profile. It allows a ranking of 15 components of the sales process according to the product or service.

DISC Testing Customer Service

Customer Service Style based on the ADEP Profile. It allows a ranking of 15 components of the Customer Service Process according to the product or service.

DISC JOB tests

Define the ADEP Style that most relates to the Position.

DISC Compare tests

It allows to compare the styles of several ADEP Profiles.

DISC Match tests

It allows to compare the styles of several ADEP Profiles with DISC JOB Tests.




Road Safety Test, ideal for companies that have delivery fleets or drivers that drive different types of vehicles


Evaluate and classify the different skills and abilities that each of its employees possesses


Accounting test, is divided into three levels: Basic: For Accounting Assistants and similar Intermediate: For General Accountant and similar Advanced: For Financial Managers

PLUS skills

This tool is used to assess skills in the framework of business administration.

Emotional PLUS

Evalúa la capacidad de comprender, percibir, y gestionar las emociones propias y las de los demás.

Leadership PLUS

It allows to determine the capacity and disposition to assume strategic positions within the organizations. It can be used in selection to determine the caliber of leadership that candidates can bring to the organization, as well as in development programs to identify the potential of future company leaders



Test Jobs

Mental Aptitude Tests: Visual Series, Verbal Ability, Analogies, Numerical Capability English tests written by levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Labor test

MS Office tests (Macros tests for Word and Formulas and Graphics for Excel) to their candidates in levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Labor test

You can create all kinds of tests to measure your company's own technical skills.