Labor Climate Survey


Using our Work Climate tool it is super easy to create a Professional Survey and send it to a group of collaborators to answer it, all this in less than 30 minutes. Steps to follow

1. Define if we want to create a Simple Survey or a Factors Survey:

  • Simple Survey.- Loose questions that do not belong to any group (factor) are used
  • Survey by Factors.- The questions are grouped by factors

2. Configure those responsible for administering the survey

3. Define the different departments that exist in the company

4. Create the Questionnaire The Simple Survey is already filled out with suggested questions, which can be edited or deleted.

You can also add questions in the following formats:

  • Likert Scale (Strongly Agree, Agree, Indifferent, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
  • Open questions
  • Questions YES / NO
  • Multiple Selection Questions

5. Type the mailing list of the employees to whom you want to send the survey, create an invitation message and press Send Survey.

6. As the employees fill out the survey, the results will appear and reports can be generated automatically, which can be exported to PDF format.

7. Reminders to fill out the survey can be sent to employees who have not yet done so, just by pressing the Resend Survey button.

Surveys can be grouped by Date and Department and the results can be easily compared.

Would you like to move from theory to action and create your first Labor Climate Survey in less than 30 minutes?